Recent/Select Training

Stanford University/SVAMC/CLA Advanced IP & Tech Disputes Course (Faculty), scheduled 2023

ABA Arbitration Institute (Faculty), scheduled 2023

AAA-ICDR Annual Conference, scheduled 2023

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellowship Training (Faculty), 2022

AAA/ICC/ICSID Joint Colloquium, NYAW,  2022

College of Commercial Arbitrators Annual Meeting training, 2022

California International Arbitration Week (Co-Chair and Faculty), 2022

AAA-ICDR Roundtable, Third party Subpoenas, online, 2022

ICC Annual Conference, online, 2021

AAA-ICDR Annual Conference (Faculty), online, 2021

HKIAC Annual Meeting, online, 2021

ITA Annual Workshop, online, 2021

AAA Cybersecurity Awareness Training, online, 2021

ABA International Arbitration Skills Masterclass (Faculty), online 2021

NYSBA Cutting Edge Issues in Commercial Arbitration, online 2021

CLA Post-Pandemic Arbitration, online, 2021

Vis Moot (Arbitrator), online, 2021

AAA-ICDR Roundtable – Impartiality and Biases, online, 2021

AAA-ICDR Roundtable – Awards, online, 2021

AAA-ICDR Roundtable – Arbitration Efficiencies, online, 2021

ABA Arbitration Institute (Faculty), online, 2021;

ABA DRS Spring Meeting, online, 2021

ASU Schiefelbein Global Dispute Conf, online, 2021

CPR Annual Meeting, online, 2021

AAA-ICDR America’s Conference (Faculty), online, 2020

ABA Arbitration Institute (Faculty), Phoenix,2020

CLA, Online Arbitrations (Faculty), online, 2020

US District Court NDCA ENE Panel Training, San Jose/San Francisco, 2019

AAA Cyber Security Training, online, 2019

CPR Cyber Security Training, online, 2019

HK Arb. Week Conference, Hong Kong, 2019

ICC Conference, New York, 2019

ICC Conference, San Francisco, 2019

AAA/ICDR/AAA Panel Conference, Nashville, 2019

AAA-SVAMC Technology Dispute Resolution Conference, New York, 2018

ICCA Conference, Sydney, 2018

NCIAC Arbitration in Southeast Asia, San Francisco, 2018

AAA, Legal Privileges in International Arbitration, San Francisco, 2018

ICC Advanced Arbitrator Training, New York, 2018

LCIA European Users Council, London, 2018

Institute for Transnational Arbitration Workshop, Dallas, 2018

ICC West Coast Conference, 2018, San Francisco

Lecturer, Arbitral Jurisdiction, ABA, Washington DC, 2018

Lecturer, Arbitral Jurisdiction, AAA, San Francisco, 2018

NCIAC Arbitration in Southeast Asia, San Francisco, 2018

ICCA, Sydney, 2018

ICDR/ICC/ICSID Joint Colloquium, New York, 2017

Moderator, “I Want to be the Chair: IntraTribunal Relations Scenarios”, San Francisco, 2017

ICC Advanced Training, San Francisco, 2017

IBA Arbitration Day Conference, Milan, 2017

Arbitrator Masterclass, Washington DC, 2017

FL Bar/ICDR International Arbitration, Miami, 2017

ICC/ICDR/ICSID Joint Colloquium, Paris, 2016

AAA/ ICDR Panel Conference, Los Angeles, 2016

SIAC Congress, Singapore, 2016; Lecturer, ABA Dispute Resolution Section Spring Meetings, New York, 2016

AAA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2016

ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference, Miami, 2016

CPR Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 2016

Lecturer, ADR in the Cloud, College of Commercial Arbitrators, NY, 2015

WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Workshop, Palo Alto, 2015

AAA eDiscovery: Arbitration in a Digital World (ACE012), 2015

AAA Roundtable – Arbitration Panels, 2015

AAA Dispositive Motions in Arbitration, 2015

AAA Sanctions in Arbitrations:  Everything You Might Not Know that You Should Know 2015

AAA Explaining Complexity—How to Improve Your Presentation of Technical Information in Arbitration 2015

AAA ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference: International Dispute Resolution in the Americas 2015

AAA Pro Se Parties in Arbitration 2015; AAA Explaining Complexity—How to Improve Your Presentation of Technical Information in Arbitration 2015

Faculty, AAA SF Neutrals Round Table “To Tell or Not To”, 2015

ICDR Miami International Arbitration Conference, AAA,’Breaking Bad:Tools for Advocates & Mediators When Negotiations Get Stuck’ 2014

AAA-ICDR/ICC/ICSID 31st Annual Joint Colloquium, NY, 2014

AAA eDiscovery 2.0, 2014

AAA Advanced Mediation Series: Managing the Dynamics of a Multi-Party Case, 2014

Joint LACB/ICDR Conference, 2014

AAA Arbitration in IP/Technology Disputes, 2014

AAA “Exceeded Powers”: Recent Trends in Challenging Arbitrator Authority, 2014

AAA Essential Mediation Skills, 2013

AAA Arbitration in IP/Technology Disputes, 2013

Fordham 6th Annual Arbitration Conference, 2013

AAA What’s a Respondent Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Confronting Arbitrability and Jurisdiction Issues in Arbitration, 2013

Stanford University Arbitration Conference, 2012

nstitute for Transnational Arbitration Winter Forum, 2012

AAA How to Become a More Innovative Neutral or Advocate: Applying Cutting Edge Innovation Management Techniques to Your ADR Practice, 2011

AAA Ethics 101: Mediators, Arbitrators, Attorneys, 2011

AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2010

AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards (ACE001), 2010

Institute for Transnational Arbitration Workshop, 2008;

ICDR International Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues, 2007;

ICDR, Debates on Key Issues in International Arbitration, 2006;

AAA Intellectual Property Arbitration, 2004;

AAA International Arbitrator Training, 2000;

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, International Commercial Arbitrator Training, 1999;

Coudert/North American Trade Dispute Resolution Center Training, 1999;

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Special Fellowship Course, 1998;

AAA International Arbitration Training / AAA Basic Arbitration Training and numerous other training sessions.

Lecturer, American Arbitration Association programs, San Francisco, 2002, 2014, 2013 and 2015 and ICDR Programs, 2008.

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