35 years of practice experience, first as a commercial litigator and international arbitration counsel, then as corporate transactions lawyer, then as the Chief Legal Officer of a technology company, and currently as a full time Arbitrator and Mediator.

Litigation expertise: Trial lawyer and arbitration counsel handling general business contracts, international commercial contracts, private investment and technology disputes (20 years)

Transactional expertise: Corporate law counsel handling corporate structuring, international investment, securities, private equity and venture capital, intellectual property licensing, technology development, partnering, US and international M&A and IPOs, and other emerging growth company and public company matters. Extensive experience managing portfolios of international legal projects for Fortune 500 technology companies (15 years).

Legal practice experience involving a variety of U.S. and foreign business sectors, including manufacturing, information technology, mobile telecommunications, satellites, biotech/pharmaceutical, alternative energy, investment, financial services, entertainment, gaming, aviation and defense, including hardware OEMs, software developers, Internet providers, digital media companies, distributors, U.S. and foreign venture capital funds and other private equity investors.

Arbitrator since 2005; Full time Arbitrator since 2012. Handled over 300 US and international disputes.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Cross-border contracts. Extensive Chair, Panel and Sole Arbitrator experience in tribunals worldwide.

COMMERCIAL: Claims involving development, services, manufacturing, sales, distribution, marketing, licensing and other business transactions, including breach of contract, fraud, unfair competition and other business torts.

CORPORATE TRANSACTIONS / PRIVATE INVESTMENT: Corporate structuring, emerging technology startups, joint ventures and partnerships, private investment and lending, venture capital financing, private equity and securities, hedge and arbitrage funds, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), IPOs, DeFi/ICOs, and corporate governance and operations, including stockholder, shareholder, partnership, LLC and Board director fiduciary duties.

ACCOUNTING / VALUATION: Contracts involving sales reporting, expense reporting, earn-out and accounting issues, reps and warranties, financial guarantees, claim estimates, indemnification, purchase price adjustments and working capital.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LICENSING AND INFRINGEMENT: Trade secret, copyright and patent claims, particularly technology licensing, tech transfer and royalty disputes, infringement and misappropriation claims, and related antitrust and competition issues.

TECHNOLOGY: IT, ICT, TMT work involving the Internet (connectivity, cloud computing, data centers, web content, e-commerce and B2B, blockchain, SaaS and social networking), software (operating systems, networking and applications, including CRM, ERP, business, entertainment, gaming, utilities, video, security, mobile apps, FinTech, cryptocurrency and smart contracts), artificial intelligence (AI); hardware (semiconductors, CPUs, microprocessors, SOC/multi-core processors, memory, graphics, storage, media and peripherals).

CYBERSECURITY: Network and data security contract services, data breach and data privacy contract disputes, and related insurance issues.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Cellular and Internet, including broadband, wireless, VOIP and other telecom contracts and services.

SPACE: Satellite launch, operation and services disputes.

BIOTECH/GENETICS and PHARMACEUTICAL: R&D and licensing contracts, infringement disputes, M&A transactions.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Solar, fuel cell, wind & materials development and JV contracts.

EXECUTIVE EMPLOYMENT / COMPENSATION: Founder and executive employment contracts, independent contractors, NDAs and confidentiality agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation, executive compensation & stock options.

DISCOVERY / DISCLOSURE: Discovery and disclosure disputes; e-Discovery protocols.

THIRD PARTY FINANCE: Litigation funding.

NATIONAL SECURITY: US classified matters, including NISPOM provisions.

Legal practice experience involving a variety of U.S. and international business sectors, including manufacturing, IT and Internet, telecommunications,  biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, alternative energy, aviation/satellites, defense, investment, financial services, entertainment, gaming, clothing/apparel, food/beverages and agriculture (cannabis).

Representative parties include manufacturers, service providers, technology companies, telecom companies, suppliers, distributors, resellers, technology inventors, founders and management teams,  start-ups and emerging growth companies,  venture capital funds and investors, US and non-US corporate investors, joint venture partners, cryptocurrency offerers and investors, emerging growth debt investors, commercial customers, hardware OEMs, software & app developers, Internet providers, digital media companies, social media companies, biotech/pharma companies, alternative energy developers and investors and corporate and private equity acquirers.

Extensive experience regarding third-party non-signatory and other US and international arbitration jurisdictional issues.

Serves throughout the US and internationally in administered and ad hoc proceedings. Available pursuant to standard and alternative billing arrangements.