Article: Technology Arbitration Revisited

Article: Technology Arbitration Revisited
August 8, 2020 Gary

Read the Article: Technology Arbitration Revisited co-authored by Gary Benton and AAA/ICDR Vice President Steve Andersen in the June issue of Dispute Resolution Journal:

Technology arbitration has undergone rapid growth and evolutionary devel-opment in the past decade. In 2010, the words “technology” and “arbitration” were rarely found together in the same sentence. Today, in2020, tech-nology arbitration is widely accepted and routinely relied upon—both in theU.S. and internationally—for resolution of a broad spectrum of technology-related disputes.


In this article, we consider the state of technology arbitration, where it has come from and where it is going. We consider its evolution over the past decade, its value, and its growing reach. We consider where it has proven to work and where it has yet to make impacts, as well as proceduralinnovations that have been made along the way. We also consider new and developing technologies that have drawn interest in the past decade and arepromising to change our tomorrow.

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